Effective ways to tame a crisis of access to children

Effective Ways to Tame A Crisis Of Access to Children Inspirational source Kids Covid 19 Survival Guide Special issue by source

There are many ways to get through an explosion without a problem, and here are some of the most effective ways:

Prevention is essential

Make sure you take the time each day to give your child your full attention. Book regular play time with only the two of you. Point out good behaviours, big or small. Positive experiences like this help children better control themselves in times of upheaval.

It is also important to pay attention to the signs and situations that may lead to an explosion and prevent them. If he’s having a seizure when he’s tired, take a regular nap.

Always stay calm

When your child has a seizure, it is either because he wants to say what he wants or he feels that he has no control over a situation. The more upset he gets, the calmer you should be – if you scream, the more likely he is to do so because they want to engage and match your volume.

Talk to him calmly and make sure everything is fine, but be firm on the idea that he can’t always get what he wants. Speaking calmly will send the message that things can be worked by speech. A big firm hug will go a long way, too!

Watch and listen

Anger attacks are also often the result of miscommunication. Because young toddlers (2.5 years and under) have limited vocabulary, they often cannot say what they want. Or if they try to do so, the parents don’t understand.

Talk to your child calmly and ask what she wants – if she points to the TV, she probably wants to watch something in particular. If she points to a sibling, it probably means that the brother has something to do with why she is upset.

Offering something else

A great trick to make the ids forget the collapse they have is by creating a diversion. Offer something new to them like a toy they haven’t played with for some time, a new book or a delicious new snack.

You can also let them play outside – a change in environment will surely boost their mood and forget about their explosion.

Don’t commit

When nothing seems to work, sometimes ignoring your child while throwing a will into shape. Sometimes children just want to evacuate and leave their feelings (as we adults do). Let him cry for a few minutes, then try the above tactics again when he starts to calm down.

Toddler tantrums are a normal part of growing up – young children are still understanding how they can manage their feelings and it’s up to us parents to guide them accordingly.