Setting up leadership games for children

Setting Up Leadership Games for Children Unique Team Building Games and Activities for the Classroom

Role-playing is an excellent way to teach children leadership skills. However, games must be designed to achieve maximum results. This article provides advice for development and implementation. They benefit all those who work with children (teachers, assistants, camp counsellors, etc.).

Determine the subjects.
Here, the point is to first determine what you want the subject to be. Leadership is broad, but you have to reduce the subject. Relevant topics about leadership traits, for example, include self-control, respect, choice, compassion, trust, kindness, responsibility, character, honesty, courage and gratitude. Similarly, brainstorming topics to cover with children on the principles of leadership.
List your goals.
Games offer innovative and fun ways to learn more about a topic. Yet they must have clear and measurable objectives. That said, start by deciding what you want children to learn about each subject. Goals are at the heart of the design part of the planning.
The objectives of the sample are: to know what leadership is and is not, to learn the qualities of good leaders, to use the media, to meet different learning styles, to engage, to measure learning or to get feedback.

Brainstorm creative scenarios.
After settling on the topics, the next step is to design the scenarios. Aim for at least two activities per topic. What for? Two strong activities that hit the nail on the head will leave a lasting impression.
At the same time, how many children will participate in the activity? A role-playing game can involve two people and observers, or it can involve the whole class. Overall, it depends on how you structure it. Will participants follow written instructions or answer questions or statements?

Write prompts/scripts.
A role-playing game includes instructions to say or do certain things. Therefore, writing clear and concise prompts or scripts is imperative. For example, if you want someone to scream during the role play, you need to indicate it on the card or a sheet of paper.